Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Fun Costume Ideas!

I had so much fun pulling together those tutu costume ideas!  So, while we try to figure out how the girls will be dressed for Halloween this year, I thought I’d check out a few more options.

First up, some adorable and unique kid’s costumes:

Unique Halloween Costumes1 - Giant Squid from Pip and Bean
2 - Ghost Sunsuit from Hana Bugz
3 - Hedgehog from Beau Miracle for You
4 - Hedgehog from Alla Verboloza
5 - Hammerhead Shark from Pip and Bean
6 - Dragon from Beau Miracle for You
7 - Cinderslippers dress from Lil Bugs Clothing

Sibling Costumes 1 - Fred and Wilma from HTHRGRC3HEATHER
2 - Very Hungry Caterpillar & Butterfly from Craftster
3 - Cookie Monster & Elmo from Shoppe 3130
4 – Sushi Platter: Infant costumes from The Wishing Elephant
               Kikkoman Costume from The Costume Cafe
5 - Leia & R2D2 from Imgur

As always, T has wanted to be everything from a character from her favorite movie, to a princess, to Supergirl. So who knows where we’ll end up? 

Do you dress as a family or dress your siblings in matching/complimentary costumes?