Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Colorful Easter Cookies - A Reality Check

It all started with amazing inspiration for beautiful cookies to send to school with T for their Spring (read: Easter) party.

I love the royal icing treatment on these cookies from King Arthur Flour.  However, I know that one of the children in T's class has an allergy to eggs, so I didn't want to take that risk.

Next up are these adorable Peeps cookie pops from Love from the Oven.  Didn't work out this time, but definitely a must-try next year!

I started out by baking some basic shortbread cookies over the weekend, cutting them into flowers, daisies, butterflies and Easter eggs.  Using a can of store bought frosting and some gel colors, I mixed up bowls of pink, purple and green frostings.

I used sprinkles on hand to add some pizzazz...and the first couple started out kind of fun and pretty.  I can do this, right?

Okay, so maybe the first were a bit of beginner's luck.  These are a bit strange...but still cute for 2 year olds. creativity and patience are clearly waning.  

Oh, heck with it.  Just spread some frosting and dump sprinkles on top.  The kids won't care!