Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Seuss, Two Seuss, Red Seuss, Blue Seuss

Most of you may know that tomorrow is the 108th anniversary of Dr. Seuss' birth.  I had completely forgotten until I saw T's daycare schedule where tomorrow will be a big party day with all sorts of Seussian delights.  They'll be dressing up as their favorite Seuss characters, snacking on green eggs and drinking pink ink (Strawberry Milk).  Although parents weren't requested to bring in treats for the day, it got me thinking about what I would do if such an invitation were extended.

I swoon every time I see these marshmallows from The Decorated Cookie.  How in the world can someone draw something so detailed and colorful on a smushy marshmallow...with edible writers?!

I could definitely see myself bringing in some Hat pops like these from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.  (Bonus: It would probably be T's first experience with fruit roll-ups, which could be hilarious!)

If refrigerators were available, I would definitely consider these un-cupcakes put together by Homespun with Love.

School Time Snippets shares a nutritious Pink Ink Smoothie that kids are sure to love.

Seriously, you just need to go check out this next link...because while the colorful popcorn is adorable, there are a ton of amazing details to this Dr. Seuss inspired first birthday.  (Featured on HWTM)

Dr. Seuss is such a classic, and I have some amazing memories of his books as a child; and can't wait to pass that along to our children!  Are you doing anything special with your kids to celebrate?