Friday, February 18, 2011

{Foodie Friday} Barnyard Donut Bites!

When my sister-in-law decided on a barnyard theme for her daughter's birthday, one of the first things I thought about was Bakerella's cake pops.  And when my mother gave me the Cake Pops cookbook for Christmas, I tossed it over to Amy and told her to pick something out.  After looking through the entire book, we settled on the Barnyard Friends - and a plan was in place!  But after my disastrous attempt at cake pops last fall, I needed a good backup option.  Enter the donut hole.

That's right...instead of making cake balls, I used donut holes!  After a very informative test run, and more than three dozen donut bites made for the party, here are a few tips to help make these little bites pretty tasty and easy to make:

- Dip your donut holes frozen.  Put the donut holes in a bowl and let them sit in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.  Pull them out one-by-one, stick a wooden skewer in one end and dip.  You have to work quickly using this technique, because the really frozen donuts stay best on the skewers, but harden the chocolate coating very quickly.

- Use plain cake donut holes.  Glazed or sugared donut holes are too sweet even for this sugar addict.  You might have to call your local donut shop in advance to make a special request for donut holes without any toppings, but it's worth it!

- Get your candy coat as thin as possible.  Donuts are pretty sweet and tasty already, and the candy coating can quickly get overwhelming.  I found that the bites with the thinnest coats tasted best.  Bonus:  Thin coats & frozen donut holes meant hardly any drips when drying!

- Melt more chocolate than you need.  I think one of my problems last time was that the chocolate was too shallow.  You really need a deep candy bath for the holes to dip into so the donuts don't spend too much time hitting the sides of the bowl.

All in all, I would definitely recommend using donut holes instead of rolling your own cake balls.  They were a huge hit with the kids, and took much less time than rolling and chilling all that cake.  The directions for decorating the donuts to look like barnyard animals can be found in Bakerella's Cake Pops Cookbook, available here.


  1. So cute :) They came out really well! Feel free to hook it up to my new Weekend Review Link Party at Humble Homemaking. I know other people would think they were awesome too! Have a great day.

  2. I just randomly stumbled across your blog
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  3. OMGosh - I would have never thought to use donut holes. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. What a cute theme! It would be hard to eat those, they are so cute!
    I'm your newest follower!
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  5. I love this and have scheduled a feature of it for this afternoon at Extreme Personal Measures.

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  6. This is the best, I had quite a time with cake pops and I didn't even think to use donut holes! We awarded you a Stylish Blog award. Heres the link

  7. Donut holes is a great idea!! It cuts out one step and tastes better. You are genius!

  8. Wow - how cute are these!!!! So much fun!

  9. OK, these are the cutest ever!!! Sharing these on FB & Twitter! Thanks so much for linking up!

  10. Too cute! These are adorable!

  11. These are too cute. I love trying new things like cake pops and cake decorating.

  12. These barnyard donut bits are absolutely darling! They look delicous and are too cute!


  13. I love the donuthole idea, so easy. <3

  14. I love the idea of making that one! They're so cute. Being featured on another blog is worth it.

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  15. Seriously...this is so fantastic! I just pinned it to my pinterest board! I LOVE these li'l guys!! I have made cake balls and this would have been SO much easier!!!! GENIUS!! =)

  16. Too cute!!!! You did a great job with all the animals' features :)


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