Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{Wellness Wednesday} Jan 2015

Welcome to the new Wellness Wednesday!  This year I’m focusing less on the numbers on the scale and more on taking small, manageable steps toward a healthy lifestyle overall.  My weight-loss journey isn’t over yet – the turtle approach will easily take a lot longer. But as I’ve said before, this isn’t only about the scale; it’s about real life.

Wellness Wednesday Jan 2015


The holidays really threw me for a loop with the whole weight loss thing.  Between eating out and all the wine (oh the wine) I got a little lazy for those last two weeks of the year. Since then I’ve been successfully able to work out maybe twice a week.  It’s not ideal, but I can’t get to the office gym very easily with so many school delays and closures. 

The Husband has also started training for a half marathon this spring.  Unfortunately, it also cuts into my ability to work out, but if last year is any indication, seeing his progress will eventually make me more motivated too!


I’m going to be honest here and admit that I’ve gained a few pounds since my last weigh in.  It’s not much, and is most likely due to a combination of over-indulging during the holidays and lack of consistent exercise this month.  I’ve been working on sticking with my water schedule and I’m confident that the weight gain isn’t permanent.

Non-Scale Victories

In many ways, just getting back to the gym this month was a victory.  There was one day I truly did not want to work out.  But I made myself do it, and it felt great.

Most weekdays I eat a salad for lunch…which is great.  This month I’m revamping them tough to include healthier proteins and fats, like baked chicken breast and almond slices.

We haven’t had nearly as many cookies in the house this month…and I’m not missing it too much!

How I Feel

A little sluggish.  I don’t do well with winters like these.  I would rather have tons of snow or a dry cold.  As it is, we’re getting a lot of wind and rain.  I’m the girl in the office with the space heater on in summer.  I would even take a good snowstorm, as long as it was enough to get outside and play with the kids.  The ground is just too soggy to go outside right now and it’s killer. 

How are you staying healthy in the new year?
Were you hit by this weeks’ snowstorm?  
How are you handling the winter weather?

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Monday, January 26, 2015

One Room Two Girls

It’s official, we’re moving the girls into a room together.  Really, it just makes sense.  They’re only three years apart and now that L is almost three years old, we’re well past the worries of a little one waking T during the night (she’s a light sleeper).  They also love playing together and have been happily been spending quiet play time in T’s room together for the last couple of months.

BUT…the space is nowhere near ready for two kids.  Some of our challenges include:
-  The closet is crammed full of T’s clothes, and the one small “dresser” in the room has no room for anything else.
-  We need enough room to hold both girls’ current wardrobes and the handed-down items waiting for each of them.  Since L is already in 3T’s this means that we’re storing everything from size 3T to size 6 in that room.  (and no, there’s no space left in the attic or the rest of the house for these items)
-  Both girls have tons of books.  And knowing that a wide library is important for literacy, I’m hesitant to pare down too much.
-  Creating a space that’s vibrant enough for young girls, but can grow with them over the next several years.
-  It turns out we’re going to need a new furnace and air conditioner soon, so our budget is tight!
Shared Room InspirationImage Sources: PomPom Chair, Reading Nook, Sisters Poster, Loft Bed, Refurbished Dresser, Cork Wall

The ideas:
-   Repaint.  T wants blue, I want gray.  We’ll see who wins this argument.
-   A loft bed for T.  It simply provides the most flexibility for maximizing floor space.  Plus, what kid doesn’t want to have a bunk bed?
-    A cord board wall.  Let’s corral all that artwork in one space, please!
-    Reading nook or some kind of hideout.
-    A white double dresser all prettied up.
-    A bold graphic element feature wall.  Herringbone, honeycomb, stripes, polka dots.  Who knows?

Do your kids share a room?
How do you handle limited storage space?

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Friday, January 23, 2015

It’s Super Bowl Time!

If you haven’t yet (and how could you not, amidst all the deflate-gate drama), the Super Bowl is just over a week away.  The Husband and I used to throw Super Bowl parties and go all out.  Now that we’ve got day jobs and kids requiring us to get up at reasonable hours the next day; those parties are on hold.  Someday we’ll be back to watching the games with family and friends, but for now I can at least enjoy sharing some of the fun football inspiration found around the web!

Game Day Food:

Super Bowl Foods

The first thing everyone thinks about for the SuperBowl is always the food, right?  I love the idea of something simple like these sloppy dogs and sliders from Carolyn’s Homework, though that stuffed football pizza at Hungry Happenings looks pretty awesome too.  If you're looking for smaller bites, Tatertots and Jello has pulled together a pretty fantastic list of 28 easy appetizers; and I'm loving those football oreo truffles from The First Years Blog.

Game Day Crafts and Activities

Super Bowl Crafts
I know that having football themed crafts isn't necessary for enjoying the game, but it does make it a lot of fun for the little ones, doesn't it?  I know my kids would love to bust open a football shaped piƱata like the one shared by Jo Lynne Shane or run around with their own giant foam finger and mini megaphone from Frog Prince Paperie.  Simple, high-impact crafts are my favorite, and the no-sew table football field table runner from Growing Up Abel and DIY football plate from Crafting in the Rain fit the bill perfectly.


Army Wife to Suburban Life - Hot Pocket Wraps  
Army Wife to Suburban Life

Sometimes I feel like the Super Bowl gets the short stick with printables.  It's just kind of shoved in between Christmas and Valentine's Day with all their pretty and fancy freebies.  But there are some awesome bloggers out there that have shared fun printables to get your Super Bowl party started.  Just click on the links or the pictures above to get them! 

Looking for more?  Take a look at this Super Bowl Printables Roundup from 2012, our Chili and Beer Football Kickoff Party or our Tailgate Breakfast.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

{Exercise Roadblocks} Permanent Injuries

I have a confession to make: I haven’t had many good strength training workouts over the last several months. It didn’t happen intentionally, and I wasn’t just being lazy. It’s because of one small…yet maddening…cyst that formed on my right wrist. It’s called a ganglion cystGanglion cysts are typically harmless and painless. Typically, but not always.

At first it was relatively painless; just weird. But I started to notice pain when I was doing pushups and not long after, numbness in my thumb. I’ve been to see two doctors already and the general response is to wrap it up, take some pain medication and deal with it. The cyst is right over an artery and a nerve, and is technically considered small. The location and size pretty much rule out draining it or surgery.When Exercise is Derailed by Injury
Over the holidays I let the strength training fall by the wayside a bit, and the cyst didn’t bother me too much.  But I really miss using nice heavy weights and that powerful feeling you get when you’ve just lifted a new high weight. So I thought I’d give weight training another go.

I started off with my favorite strength training DVD…and my wrist was sore for a week.

Thinking that machines might help provide stability and support, I went for that method last week.  Boy was I wrong.  I couldn’t pick L up for almost three days – and nearly went home early from work the next day because typing was so painful.  

I’ve trolled weightlifting forums to see if anyone else has had this issue; and found three options

1) stop doing upper body exercises (not an option);
2) figure out some other form of modified exercises; or
3) find some good wrist wraps.

I’ll be updating on this issue as I try new things, so come back on the last Wednesday of every month to see what’s been working and what hasn’t.  I just hope this experience can help out someone else in the future before they deal with that level of pain.

Have you had to work through a long-term injury?

Know of any good wrist wraps?
Please tell me if you know of any upper body exercises that don’t put strain on the wrists!

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